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Summer Garden - Essential Oil Wax Melts

Summer Garden - Essential Oil Wax Melts

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Let the aroma of ‘Summer Garden’ transport you to a fresh, floral and light English Summer.

Palmarosa essential oil sits at the forefront of this blend with its fresh floral scent. Rosewood essential oil highlights more floral notes with a sweetness giving the blend a balmy aroma. The addition of citrus sweet orange essential oil gives a subtle freshness to the blend, lifting the overall aroma. Ylang ylang essential oil harmonises the blend with its fruity floral aroma.

  Completely unique blends owned by Sage & Grace This blend is suitable for pregnancy No synthetic colours and mineral oils Vegan and cruelty free

Ingredient information

Soy Wax
Our wax melts are made from soy wax, a natural, sustainable and eco friendly wax made purely from soya beans. It provides a more natural, healthier and cleaner burn than other regular petroleum based paraffin waxes.  

100% Essential Oils
All of our wax melts are made from a unique blend of essential oils, giving a higher quality of scent, whilst providing the added benefits associated with aromatherapy.


4 hour burn time per wax melt.

10 individual wax melts.

Sustainably sourced soy wax and 100% essential oils.

Unique and 100% pure essential oil blend, created by Sage & Grace.

100% natural.

Handcrafted, vegan, no parabens

Kraft recyclable box packaging.

Made in the Midlands, UK.

How to use

Wax Melts are used in a wax melt burner or an oil burner instead of oil and water to release the scent into your living space.

Directions for use:

- Place one or two wax melts into the top of your burner.

- Light an unscented soy wax tealight and place in the base of the burner. The wax melt will melt, releasing the scent of the oils.

- You can extinguish the tea light at any time, let the wax cool and reuse the wax melt until no more scent is released.

- When you can no longer smell the scent, remove the unwanted wax from the burner. The easiest way to do this is to light a tealight for 1 minute, to let the wax slide out of the top of the burner.

- Pop in another wax melt and start again! You can change scents, just be sure to give the dish a clean beforehand to get rid of any residue.

- You can also use your wax melts without melting them by maximising their cold throw - keep the box or a singular wax melt wrapped in some aluminium foil and place inside your clothes cupboard, clothes drawer or bathroom.


- Place your oil burner in a safe and stable position, away from draughts and anything flammable.

- Keep out of reach from children and pets.

- Never leave a lit candle unattended.

- Please keep the lid on the box where the soy wax melts are kept to retain the fragrance of remaining melts.


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